Wednesday, 12 September 2007

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A good guide to stairlifts will present the various benefits of having this device in your home. Older people have the tendency to be taciturn when asking for assistance. They feel awkward about asking for any form of help from other individuals. That is where stairlifts come into play. Now, the older members of your family will no longer require any assistance from other people when going up or down the stairs. In addition, you do not have to check the condition of the elderly people in your household because rest assured they are safe and comfortable with stairlifts.Guide to stairlifts will likewise provide information on the various kinds of stairlifts that are accessible in the market.
When buying these devices, you need to bear in mind that the higher the price, the more amenities that the stairlifts provide. Some stairlifts are designed for internal use while there are others that are designed for external purposes. In addition, some stairlifts are suited for the narrow kind of stairs and there are those that are manufactured for the curved variety of stairs. Aside from that, some stairlifts also require additional accessories to guarantee the safety and comfort of your family member.Another guide to stairlifts concerns the basic amenities needed to consider when buying stairlifts. When buying this device, it is important to look for a lifetime warranty. This is an essential feature when looking for stairlifts because you purchased the product for long term use so you would want to maximize the product as much as possible.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Companion Curved Stairlift If you are lucky enough to have a curved or even spiral staircase, a Companion stairlift is a perfect fit. In the style of the best craftsmen, we actually plot a replica of your own staircase in a computer to model your stairlift on, so when it arrives in your home it slots straight into place.Traditionally, curved stairlifts have been expensive, but with our technical and engineering expertise, a Companion becomes a viable and stylish option to bring a curved staircase back to life.Your stairlift track is optimised to give you the best travel experience possible. Companion's manufacturing and design process ensures a snug fit.As with all our stairlifts, we offer an extensive choice of seat colours. The easy to use controls ensure you travel safely and smoothly to your destination, secure in the knowledge that you have invested in a Companion.With a skilled and dedicated research team, Companion's passion for producing the best mobility solutions has resulted in enabling us to offer the tightest internal curve available from any stairlifts manufacturer*. In many cases, the Companion internal curve allows stairlifts to be fitted in locations that no other manufacturer can accommodate.

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Stairlifts - the only choice is Companion

Companion Stairlifts
Companion Stairlifts is one of the largest supplier of stairlifts in the UK. Having manufactured stairlifts for a number of years we pride ourselves as stairlift experts. Not only do we manufacture stairlifts, we also have a number of other mobility products in which we supply such as bathlifts, scooters and vertical passenger lifts. At Companion stairlifts we have put together our promise to you...that is to offer and supply stairlifts that only have the most recent British standards, have been fully tried and tested and of course have been tailored made like all our stairlifts just for you. Our professional, friendly team are on hand 24 hours a day 365 days a year to assist any need that you my have or question regarding any mobility product
Companion stairlifts have Nationwide coverage which means we are often able to install all stairlifts within 24 hours. Our dedicated service and installation team are technically trained to install any stairlifts within a matter of hours and always ensure that the product is suitable or you. Our customers range from private individuals to large professional organisations, all of whom benefit from our friendly and professional low cost service.
A Companion stairlift can transform your life, with thousands of satisfied customers the independence and freedom that you regain is simply priceless. It is the dedication, care and support which companion stairlifts the stairlift you can trust.

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Straight stairlifts

About the Companion Straight Stairlift Companion's straight stairlift is designed to complement not only your lifestyle, but also your decor. Known as 'the stylish stairlift', Companion brings you the best indurable fabrics and multiple colour options to your stairlift, as well as all thesafety and functionality which comes as standardwith a Companion stairlift.

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